Amfedrine – Another Diet Pill on the Market

Amfedrine is yet another diet pill on the market. It is said to have the ingredients of green tea, hoodia gordoni, anhydrous caffeine and chromium polynicotinate. All four of these ingredients are effective on weight loss, but it is good to examine how they could contribute to the quality of this drug.

Green Tea: Green tea is accepted to be having a medicinal value for the treatment of obesity, but the amount you must take could not be included in a small pill. To make it effective, you must take at least 400 mg. Otherwise, it will not have a significant fat burning power. The drug manufacturers never disclose the amount of green tea available in the capsule, hence the effect is doubtful.

Hoodia gordoni: This is a material of plant origin only available in South Africa which is said to be used in the treatment of obesity, but one thing to consider is that you cannot import it from that country, as the export of it is illegal. There is doubt on how this ingredient comes into the product.

Caffeine is not a very effective ingredient for burning off fat as its action is there only for a short time. Also, it has its own side effects.

Chromium polynicotinate is an effective substance on controlling blood sugar levels, but it is not a proven fat burner.

When you summarize the above facts, it is doubtful whether this diet pill is able to serve its intended purpose. It is better to be on the safe side when you use drugs.

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Five Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Are you tired of getting the same old advice when it comes to dieting? Are you looking for some quick tips to help motivate yourself during a diet? Why not follow along below to learn about some quick healthy weight loss tips?

Tip # 1: Take off five pounds quickly before a big event!

If you’re generally in good shape, but you want to pare off a few
pounds to look your best before a big event like a class reunion, one of the best ways to do it is to cleanse your system. For the week before, skip the breads and pastas, eat lots of raw vegetables and salads, and drink at least eight ounce glasses of water a day. You’ll not only end up slimmer, you’ll feel 100% more energetic and healthy.

Tip # 2: Lose weight without dieting!

It’s a lot easier than you think. The key is exercise. Just one half hour of moderate exercise per day will burn calories – and better yet, kick your metabolism into high gear so that you continue burning calories at a higher rate. Bonuses: you’ll be doing your health a favor, too. The latest research shows that adding moderate exercise to your daily routine can help lower cholesterol, slow the progression of type-2 diabetes and improve your circulation. What’s moderate exercise? A brisk one mile walk, half an hour of dancing, or chasing the kids around in a game of tag will do it.

Tip # 3: Start your day off right!

Don’t skip breakfast when you’re dieting, and don’t go for the convenience of a ‘nutrition bar’. Give your body the pick-me-up of fresh fruit in either juice or raw form, and the staying power of a whole grain. One of the best breakfasts you can have is a bowl of whole-grain cereal with fresh berries, melon or peaches. You get
the sugar your body craves, the carbs it needs to run on, and the added benefit of antioxidant vitamins to help it stay on track and balanced.

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Tip # 4: Take a high quality multivitamin every day.

There’s no substitute for a diet that has a healthy balance of all foods, but it’s far too easy to skimp on the essentials when you’re dieting. Make sure that your body doesn’t miss out on the nutrients it needs just because you’re cutting calories. A good multivitamin should contain, at a minimum, the minimum recommended daily allowances of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E and K. While you’re at it, get out in the sun for at least ten minutes a day to help your body manufacture the vitamin D that it needs.

Tip # 5: Eat your veggies – especially your lettuce.

But don’t confine yourself to iceberg lettuce or to salads. Darker greens have about the same number of calories and carbs, but pack a lot more punch in the vitamins and other nutrient categories. By substituting radicchio, watercress, escarole or spinach for the iceberg lettuce, you add vitamin C, riboflavin’s, manganese and other essential vitamins that aren’t present in lettuce. Try them braised, steamed or grilled for something a little different from the usual salad.

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Many of us have the exact same goal. We want to learn how to lose weight naturally. As opposed to pursuing an exhaustive workout routine, eating expensive prepared meals, taking diet products and hungry ourselves, we should change our eating habits to versions that are healthier for people and also better to follow. To lose weight naturally is really safer than adhering to a fad-diet. Fad diets may have you starving yourself and taking supplements neither that is really a safe thing for you yourself to do.

Starving your system by drastically reducing the amount of calories that you take in is neither normal nor healthy. Your body responds to this by virtually refusing to burn its fat stores.

There’s nothing normal in regards to a strict diet at all, a diet should have healthy choices. An eating plan including Fat-Loss 4 Idiots is used for a collection number of days and then you’ve days where you’re allowed to eat whatever you’d like. You can also search for body by vi review through various reputed websites.

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The weight reduction won’t be so severe during each section which you lose power and feel constantly fatigued. Meals must be eaten regularly and not overlooked. Skipping meals will cause an increase in the total amount that is eaten at the next dinner which will defeat all that you are looking to accomplish. Obviously another thing that happens is that your body determines that it’s being deprived and it must protect itself by keeping everything that’s taken into it.